Revolution Reflects on 2017 Accomplishments, Looks to 2018

Revolution Marketing & Management's team recently reflected on a stellar year for 2017. In addition, they discussed the objectives they have established for 2018, as well as why goal setting is fundamental to their company's success.

“Without question, we advanced in 2017,” said JC, Revolution Marketing & Management’s Director of Operations. “We experienced progress on so many fronts and are building on that momentum this year.”

JC noted that during 2017, Revolution Marketing & Management’s expansions were the top success stories. “We managed to travel to different territories and successfully build our events on a national level in Houston, Atlanta, and San Diego!” he said. “We expanded within three other territories. We also had an excellent year from an exposure perspective through social media and our online presence.”

Growth continues to be on the horizon for 2018 for this firm. “Our goals include expanding into another three territories this year,” said JC. “We also plan to build our Las Vegas market so that we’re launching new campaigns and conducting 10 to 15 events a day. We want to make sure Vegas has us on the map.”

From a community perspective, JC noted that increased philanthropic activities would be part of the team’s growth goals for this year. “We want to get out into the Las Vegas community and let the public learn about what a strong company we are. This is a great way to do it.”

JC fully expects this year’s expansions to continue. “The goal is at least 18 expansions nationally,” he said. “We want to make sure brands know that our objective is to really branch out over the next few years! We want to get to a level at which we’re running anywhere between 150-175 events daily on a national level, and help further companies expand from within. Every year we plan to grow.”

Revolution Marketing & Management Director of Operations on the Importance of Goals

According to JC, the secret to Revolution Marketing & Management’s unparalleled results is the team’s focus on establishing goals. “A dream is just a dream,” he explained. “A goal is a dream with a timeline and a deadline!”

“Without goals, we are just working towards someone else’s!” JC continued. “We want to make sure our team is focused on their personal goals as well as the team’s goals daily so we can move forward successfully.”

As JC shared, the company’s family atmosphere makes working together easier. “Although we have different goals and paths, we are all here for the same things,” he said. “We all seek growth, stability, and achieving the next levels. This is why we want everyone to focus on the team. It’s important to surround ourselves with people who are where we want to be, and learn the habits, skill sets and strengths they have to make them our own! For example, we infuse each initiative with integrity, from sales to management training, which furthers our abilities to collaborate.”

“I tell my people, don’t look for success, become success,” JC stated. “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard!”

For JC, the best part of leading this company is the people. “It’s an honor to see them grow and reach new levels in their careers and life,” he said. “All that we do, from our plans for expansions, new campaigns, and more comes from the focus we place on people. We can’t grow ourselves unless we grow our team members first.”

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