Revolution Marketing & Management's Busy Travel Schedule

Revolution Marketing & Management's Director of Operations discussed the firm's many travel events during the month of June. He also highlighted a few of the overlooked benefits of team getaways.

​June is a busy month for members of Team Revolution Marketing & Management, with two significant travel events on the itinerary. JC, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “A Leaders Retreat in Newport, California was the first excursion of the month. This trip featured relaxation on the beach as well as interactions with top-flight leaders from all corners of our industry. It was a great chance for our brand experts to expand their knowledge and add to their networks.”

There is also a Top Leaders Conference coming up later in June. JC remarked, “This event will be an amazing learning experience for the team members who qualify to attend. High-achieving professionals from all around the country will be there, so it’s another prime chance for our people to add helpful contacts.”

Team members bring a variety of fresh insights back to the Revolution Marketing & Management office after every business trip. “Our people also return home with new perspectives on the work they do,” the Director added. “There’s something inspiring about being around so many successful people with different approaches. It’s also nice to know that our firm’s dynamic marketing promotions occupy a special place in the market. After our team members discuss best practices with others at big industry events, they have more confidence in our innovative work.”

Revolution Marketing & Management’s Director on the Underrated Benefits of Travel

There are many overlooked positive outcomes that emerge from team travel opportunities. JC commented, “Aside from all the learning and networking opportunities our team members enjoy when they venture out to big industry gatherings, they also get to experience new places together. Our brand experts grow closer on a personal level as they take in the sights and sounds of a beautiful setting such as Newport. By taking time for relaxation on these trips, our people are able to reflect on current projects and look ahead to future objectives.”

Time management skills are also sharpened during Revolution Marketing & Management travel opportunities. JC noted, “There’s so much to absorb at a typical conference, seminar, or retreat. To make sure they don’t miss anything, our team members carefully plan their schedules. This planning pays off when our brand experts return to the office, where they’re better equipped to make the most of every busy workday.”

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