Revolution Marketing & Management Travels to R&R Event

The Revolution Marketing & Management Director of Operations discussed the team's recent R&R trip to the Dominican Republic. He also outlined the various team-building benefits of the getaway.

“The excursion was an all-inclusive event, and it was a huge success,” said JC, the Revolution Marketing & Management Director of Operations. “Syamber, Chris, and Lizzie attended along with me. We went to the beach, spent time at the pool, and had fun at the big industry celebration that was held there.”

JC added that he and his colleagues had a blast during karaoke night and enjoyed delicious dinners throughout the trip. They even went snorkeling and rode the jet skis. The Revolution Marketing & Management crew left no stone unturned, and they brought lots of fresh energy and ideas back to the office with them.

“We accomplished a lot of networking as well,” JC stated. “Influential industry professionals from all over the nation were in attendance. It was a pleasure to get to know them and add them to our contact lists. We’ve already set our follow-up plan in motion to ensure that these connections turn into lasting relationships.”

Revolution Marketing & Management Director of Operations Highlights the Team-Building Effects of Business Travel

In addition to building relationships with other experts in their field, the time away from the Revolution Marketing & Management headquarters allowed the associates to strengthen their relationships with each other. The heightened morale, trust, and motivation that results from the tightened bonds boost productivity in and out of the office.

“Teamwork and leadership are also emphasized through business travel,” continued JC. “If we lose our place in an unfamiliar city, for instance, someone will step up to the plate and lead us to the right destination. If an associate is called upon to give a presentation, the rest of us rally around him or her to help the individual prepare.”

According to JC, travel encourages innovation as well. Visiting new locations encourages people to look at problems from different perspectives. As they try new things, explore new areas, and experience different ways of life, they must step away from their usual thinking patterns. The rush of brainpower inevitably leads to fresh ideas.

“The bottom line is that efficiency and performance soar when travel is part of the equation,” concluded JC. “I see it all the time, and it’s the reason I send my people on trips whenever possible. I hope other business leaders do the same.”

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