Revolution Marketing & Management Builds Team Through Travel

​Revolution Marketing & Management’s Director of Operations detailed an upcoming conference and its potential benefits. He shared his thoughts on how travel events bring team members closer.

Industry gatherings provide a range of benefits for professionals, said JC, Revolution Marketing & Management’s Director of Operations. He is looking forward to attending an upcoming leadership event with top leaders from the firm. He explained, “We are excited to network with other accomplished people from across the nation. We learn so much about products and how to make them irresistible to consumers when we venture out to these events.”

Revolution Marketing & Management is a leader in training and development. For this reason, JC believes it’s essential for him and members of the team to attend industry conferences. He remarked, “It’s invaluable for us to come and learn from other top-performing companies. We adopt their best practices into our sales strategies and share what we’ve learned as well. It’s a great give and take that leads to innovative campaigns and winning results.”

The Director also sends the firm’s newest associates to the upcoming conference every year. “We want to give our people a competitive advantage by accelerating their learning,” he added. “The payoff is seen almost immediately around the Revolution Marketing & Management office. We consistently promote the team members that attend these events because they learn techniques for putting their knowledge to good use.” 

Networking potential is significant at big industry functions as well. JC commented, “Our people always seem to come back to the office with a variety of helpful new contacts after a conference. I encourage them to write down as many relevant details about every interaction so that their follow-up messages are personal and effective.” 

Revolution Marketing & Management’s Director Outlines Team-Building Value of Travel

In addition to all the professional development opportunities offered by industry gatherings, they also give team members the chance to learn more about each other as people. The Director commented, “The fact that our associates build stronger camaraderie through every trip makes travel an even wiser investment. Our associates get to see personality traits they might not experience during busy workdays. This leads to a more cohesive approach to everyday work back at the office.”

JC makes the most of these morale-boosting effects by taking in everything a new place has to offer. He explained, “When we venture out as a team, we check out local restaurants, museums, and all types of natural attractions. These are great ways to get better at communicating with each other and recharge our batteries at the same time.” 

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